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„is going green“

We pay special attention to environmentally friendly production and an environmentally friendly product. Therefore, we are already committed, as we deal in the environmental sector. The enameling of high-strength steels, however, presents a special challenge.

Enameling means applying and fusing glass to steel. The glass is a barrier to the hydrogen, coming out from the steel during cool down. Most competitors prevent that gas emissions by applying a layer of nickel before (erroneously referred to, as full third layer „Three coat“).

A particular problem arises when the applied nickel at the plate edges (which by many competitors not protected by email) comes into contac with the stored medium. Nickel (Ni) is known to be toxic, or the processing of nickel in Central Europe is banned, because of strict environmental and safety requirements.

GLS Tanks International does not use any harmful materials to environment and staff. Due to the modern „PUESTA“ enameling process in combination with an especially for us designed steel, our product and production method can be called environmental friendly, and suits very well to the “Green Industry”.