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The sewage treatment plant in Cucer-Sandevo, Macedonia was planned from the company Hydro-Ingenieure – Umwelttechnik GmbH. For this sewage treatment plant a GLS tank with a diameter of 12m, a height of 6m and a total capacity of 679 m⊃3; was erected. The wastewater treatment results from a biofilm process.

The advantages of such a biofilm process are amongst others:

- Easy and steady working process
- Even heavily polluted effluent can be cleaned
- Low energy and maintenance costs
- Nitrification is possible

At this biofilm process, the biological wastewater treatment results from microorganisms, which colonise on fixed surfaces in the bioreactor and build up a closed natural cover.

Especially in this case, the filling of the trickling filter consists of light tuffs with a high specific surface. The filling material gets sprinkled with the pre-cleaned wastewater. The microorganisms, which live on the trickling filter (the so-called biological film) remove the toxic substance from the water. The bacteria mass is built slowly and is rebuilt continuously. The dead bacteria mass, the so-called effluent sludge, get divided from the water after the trickling filter in the secondary settlement basin.

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