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GLS Tanks sets a new standard with the ULTRAGLASS enameling

Enameling is the coating of steel with glass-enamel. At this process the inert glass layer forms a durable corrosion protection. Glass builds chemical compound with the steel at about 840°C in the enamel-oven.

The result is a highly corrosion-resistant composite material.

As generally known, glass is more resistant to corrosion than any type of metal.

However the glass coating is not homogeneously. In the glass there are bubbles in random arrangement, as shown in following picture.

If a bubble gets too big, the enamel becomes too weak or it breaks. The result is a so called “pinhole”.

In the past there was a second layer necessary for having 100% corrosion-resistance. It was not important to reach a special thickness as commonly said, the second layer was mainly used to correct failures of the first layer.

The glass-thickness of one layer would be enough to provide a 100% corrosion-resistance.

The enlargement of the coat thickness has a disadvantage, a thicker glass-layer is more brittle than a thin one. There are more slivers and embrittlements.

Our ambition was to create a new type of enameling with less blistering and if there are bubbles, they should be rather small.

This is possible with ULTRAGLASS!

The advantages for you:

absolute corrosion resistant,
elastic glass coating.

100% pore-free

No tendency to blistering

Nickel-free, following the European REACH regulation

Thickness according to EEA (European Enamel Authority)

Ultraglass, with a fine structure of bubbles.

The GLS Tanks – “Ultra Glass”-process in combination with our PUESTA dry-enameling is world’s most modern and environmental friendly enamel-process.