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Through the rising gas prices, people are rethinking about their energy supply. Mineral fuels are non-environmentally friendly and limited. Therefore RNG (renewable, natural gas) is unlimited and more environmentally friendly. This is because of the material, you need to produce is manure from the animals, wastewater from the population or organic waste in general.


We have to treat this material anyway and so we are only implanting one step in between to produce a lot of energy. Another advantage is the reducing of carbon dioxide, which gets into the atmosphere.


Many European Countries do now fund environmentally friendly energy sources to be independent from mineral fuels of other countries. Therefore, also biogas applications will be supported by the governments of these countries.


Hundreds of owners and operators of biogas plants are more than satisfied with our unique technology

# short manufacturing time

# very fast installation time

# bob cat hole included

# extendable


This means now is the best time, to invest into the environment and the future of the planet.


Contact us, when you want to be indepentent and you want to safe the planet office(at)


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