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Glass-lined-steel vs stainless steel! / Email gegen Edelstahl!  4. Jun 2020



Glass-lined-steel and stainless steel shares a lot of similarities with each other. But this do not mean, that they are identical. Right the contrary is the case. Stainless steel has various quality steps for example stainless steel 1.4301 or stainless steel 1.4571. So you have to be careful, which quality is perfectly suited for your application.


While stainless steel 1.4571 has a very good quality and even better in some cases than glass lined steel, the costs for this material are extraordinary high and most of the time you can buy two glass-lined-steel tanks for one stainless steel 1.4571 tank.


Of course, if you have a pH value which is lower than 2 or higher than 10, a stainless steel 1.4571 tank would be the better solution. But if you have a pH value of 2-10, the gls tank matches perfectly according to the conditions and a stainless steel tank would be also suitable, but not reasonable, when you consider the costs.


One of the biggest disadvantages of stainless steel is the possibility to create a battery effect. This can happen, when you mix up material for example stainless steel with carbon steel. Through this effect the weaker material (in this case the carbon steel) start to corrode and it accelerates this process. So the carbon steel gets very quick many holes. 


So manufactures combines stainless steel with carbon steel, so they can produce a cheaper product. But after some years, the product starts to rust, because of these savings. At GLS tanks, such a battery effect cannot happen, because the glass coating protects the carbon steel from rust. 




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