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GLS's application field! / GLS Einsatzmöglichkeiten!  6. May 2020

GLS Tanks are very versatile and that is good, because you can use them almost everywhere, where you have to storage goods. If you want to know, what kind of applications GLS Tanks has, please read below our list:




1) Digesters


It doesn't matter, which digester technology you use. GLS Tanks has experiance with all kind of digester, whether with double membrane roof or with glass lined steel roof. Our special system allows us to make 1:1 digesters or digesters with big diameter and low height. Through our S700 PRIME glass enameling the panels in the gas zone are perfectly secured even against aggressive gas. Our special roof system allows us, to withstand extreme snow loads against a reasonable price.

Our worldwide experience enables us the understanding of our clients wishes with several accessoires.




2) Potable water tanks


Water is one of the most valuable ressources, which we have on earth. To protect it against dust and bacteria, the hygenic glass surface of GLS Tanks is the best solution. To effectively use the glass to storage water, we melt it with steel. So we have the protective and clean surface of a drinking glass, but combined it with the strengh of steel to guarantee a very long lifetime and durability. We build potable water tanks, to ensure drinking water quality in regions, where clean water is not common.


waste water


3) Waste water tanks


GLS Tanks thinks about the nature and therefore we have a glass coating procedure, which is nickel free to safe the environment. Expect this fact, we also build waste water storage tanks for companies, which develop systems to clean the water of breweries, factories, communities and other plants, who need water for their production. To prevent the tainted water to go immediately into the rivers and lakes, it makes a stop in our tanks, so it can be cleaned.




4) Silos


Except from water, food is another important factor of life. So because GLS Tanks has their own static engineers, we can design every sizes, the clients prefer. A very special size is needed for silos in agriculture. The high tanks with small diameter does not need much space and are necessary to storage food or feed for the animals.




5) Fish breeding tanks


One of the newest accomplishments of GLS Tanks is their use in fish breeding. Because of the blue color and the hygenic surface, the fish believe they are in the clean lakes and make them feel more comfortable. To assure the compatibility of our tanks with fishes, we achived already some certificates, which proof the usage of GLS Tanks for fish breeding.

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