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control valve “Safe Pressure“ by GLS Tanks Int. GmbH

Biogas digesters need to secure the pressure level, a high pressure / low pressure control valve is necessary. Very popular are fluid filled valves, that work with a sealing liquid consisting of a glycol / water mixture. Unfortunately, at almost all constructions on the market in case of high pressure the sealing liquid will be blown out.

This represents a significant security risk because at the next moment the valve sealing liquid is missing, and reduces the working-pressures. It is possible that permanently, after the first blow-off, Biogas is vented through the valve, which is a significant security risk. Usually unnoticed by the operator, only at very strong odor you become aware of the danger.

Our research department has set itself the goal to develop a valve, which in a case of high pressure just does not loose pressure barrier fluid. We achieved this with our impressive new valve "Safe Pressure" by reversing the flow conditions inside the valve.

As an additional option, we also offer a level switch, which signals the control room immediately at incorrect level. GLS Tanks hereby demonstrated its leadership position in messaging security in the biogas tank construction.