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Glass-lined-steel vs. conrete! / Email gegen Beton! 

concrete, gls tanks


For some applications, the difference of glass lined steel tanks and concrete tanks can be almost identical. To highlight this small gap, we collected information about both in the list below:


· Concrete will corrode → Maintenance, more cost


· Additional protection (coatings, linings, etc.) needed. Most of the time such coatings are not resistant and come off, as they do not stick to the concrete surface → high repair costs


· GLS sheets undergo a strict factory testing regime → guaranteed quality on site


· Concrete quality is dependent on many variables → high risk of bad quality of finished product


· Modular bolted design: quick erection times → reduced labour and plant costs


· Concrete tanks are not as easy to construct → higher build costs


· Concrete tanks: Bulky and awkward to ship → shipping to site can be very difficult and expensive


· GLS tanks can also be extended and re-sited with relative ease → greater long-term versatility


· Concrete tanks are not so easy to adapt and extend → limited flexibility


· GLS tanks are available in a range of colours → satisfies local regulations and gives better appearance


· Concrete tanks can be an eyesore, with little choice in colours


· GLS sheets have Zero Discontinuities → no voids in contact surface →  high resistance to corrosion


· Concrete will crack: Re-bar exposed → tank failure and expensive repair


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